Navigating The Middle Ground

by Dealing With Damage

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released September 7, 2016

Dealing With Damage is
James Sherry - Drums
Rich Matthews - Guitar
Paul Grier - Bass
Ed Wenn - Vocals & Guitar

Recorded by Adie at Unit 2 and Ed at Weird Road Mobile
Edited by Rich Matthews
Mixed by Roop Coulson at Air Studios

Backing vocals by Dan Goatham
Bass by Giles Davis on tracks 2, 4 & 5.
Percussion & backing vocals on track 6 by Roop Coulson

All songs by Dealing With Damage
All lyrics by Ed Wenn
...except track 6 which was written by Iris Dement & published by Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

Cover art by Mike Silva
Design by Paul Grier



all rights reserved


Dealing With Damage London, UK

Punk band from London featuring former members of K-Line, Done Lying Down, Sink, Bad Dress Sense, Spandex Nappy Rash & The Scum Children.

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Track Name: Some Colours Never Fade
Sunshine and icicles. Stardust and pain.
Snakebite and promises and a smile on the train.
Nightmares and sanctuary. Our fists in the air.
Diving and looking down. We know we were there.

I'm seeing different colours round me now,
They're filtered through those days.
All aboard to change the world.
Some colours never fade.

Gibsons and 8%. Cymbals & sticks.
Our songs on the radio. Slogans and bricks.
Wearing clothes bought from charity and listening to Peel.
The bullshit and clarity. Nodding off at the wheel.

The stage and the studio. The sky and the road.
Paranoia and arrogance and feeling exposed.
A noise to believe in. Pot noodles and tea.
Tape lists and liner notes. Flyers and dreams.
Plugged into the underground. Thinking, drinking too much.
We made this community and it's all about love.
Track Name: When I Grow Up
When I grow up
I wanna be a disappointment
When I grow up
I wanna be a waste of space
When I grow up
I'll have no ambition
When I grow up
I'm gonna throw it in your face

And I'll say 
Thanks for nothing
Thanks for everything
Thanks for loving me

When I grow up
I'm gonna ruin all your parties
When I grow up
I'm gonna suck out all the fun
When I grow up
I'll be pale and arty
When I grow up
I'll get nothing done.
Track Name: Turn & Stumble
You look around. You turn and stumble
You're feeling broken down and isolated.
When did things change? When did they fall apart?
When did they get so bad that you wanted no part?

What you going to do?
What you going to say?
Where you going to go?
When you leave today?

You find yourself alive at the age of influence
But you don't want an ounce or shred of that filth.
And it's so messed up. Yeah, it's a tangle,
But it's the price you pay for stepping outside.

You're not a social architect; not a politician.
You're no fool, but you turn and stumble
There’s no cosy rhetoric; no manifesto
It's just you when you turn and stumble
We won't join in.
So we turn and stumble.
We're done lying down.
Still we turn and stumble.
Track Name: Strange Melody
It's complicated watching your life go bad.
Dwelling on all those opportunities that you never had.
And sometimes you tell yourself that's just how it goes.
But running through your every waking moment, that cold wind blows.

I’m dreaming that I'm falling
And it feels so real.
When I'm dreaming that I'm winning  
Why does it feel so real.

Trust me I haven’t touched that stuff in months.
Well maybe once or twice when I needed the energy. 
Believe me, I haven’t called that girl in months. 
Well maybe once or twice when I needed the company.

There are moments when I tell myself that I don't need your help.
On drunken heavy metal evenings singing by myself.

Believe me, I haven’t lied to you in months. 
Well maybe once or twice when I needed the victory. 
Forgive me. I get so mixed up it hurts.
I'm like the song you play when you need that strange melody.

I'm dreaming, I'm not broken.
Track Name: One Foot In Front Of The Other
One foot in front of the other.
One day leading into to another.
We've got one life to throw in the gutter.
I feel one love for all my sisters and brothers.

I can take you with me if you want to go.
There's no need for directions
Just pack your heart and soul.
So let's go!

One song to add to the others.
Our sound; for us to discover.
We’ve got one room to fuse it together.
There’s just one chance. Don’t count on another.

Of all the stupid shit, this is the stupidest.
Pretend there's no retreat; the ultimate conceit.
Another decade's gone.
The song is playing on.
The song is sounding strong.
Where do you belong?
This is where we belong!

One foot in front of the other.
One song, one room our way for us to discover.