Don't Give In To Fear

by Dealing With Damage

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The second EP from this London post-hardcore band manages to be rawer and more assured at the same time. The jumping-off point for the new songs was the music of Washington DC's Government Issue which received heavy airplay in the DWD camp in the months after the untimely death of GI's front-man, John Stabb.


released June 22, 2017

Paul Grier - Bass
Ed Wenn - Vocals and guitar
James Sherry - Drums
Rich Matthews - Guitar

Recorded and mixed a No Recording by John Hannon.



all rights reserved


Dealing With Damage London, UK

Punk band from London featuring former members of K-Line, Done Lying Down, Sink, Bad Dress Sense, Spandex Nappy Rash & The Scum Children.

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Track Name: Speeding Up
I'm a student of the differences between you and me. And I'm finding that there's food for thought, yeah every single day. But tell me what you're thinking when you look up to the sky. Don't make me sweat, don't make me guess 'cos we ain't got the time.

Life's speeding up. We gotta get you tough. But keep an open mind and don't give in to fear even though your life's speeding up. That's why you've gotta get tough. But keep an open mind. Don't give in to fear. That's how you live your life.

You're the cure for the existential crises that I face. It's impossible to doubt in the presence of your grace. But do you ever listen when I lay it on the line? Independent thought is great, but you've got to choose the time.
You want to slow it down, but every day you feel your life speeding up…
Track Name: Lost Soul
The facts don't matter, go with your gut.
The facts don't matter. We're fucked.

I'm a lost soul. A broken man. It's a lonely life now in this fragile, frightened land. We're lost souls. The word is out. Suspect motivation. Excuses and regrets don't count.

‘Cos I woke up one day to find that we'd all lost our fucking minds.
Now you can bitch and you can whine, but you bought it sinker, hook and line.

Now facts don’t matter. So make them matter. ‘Cos facts must matter.
Track Name: Hate Can Set You Free
There are no excuses. There was no plan. There's just self-preservation and hiding where they can. There's no conspiracy, but they see what they see. We underestimated how much hate can set you free.

This is the sound of heartbreak. This sound is sick of lies. Now that the banks are broken, scales fall from my eyes. This sound is desperation; it's borne of disbelief. We didn't see it coming. Who knew hate could set you free?

This is the sound of enterprise drowning screams of poverty in a racist society. This is the sound of freedom to lose. Ironic victory. Humanity.
This is the sound of you and me.
Track Name: January
It's so black and white here; there's no grey on grey. We're digging ourselves deeper every single day. They struggle to maintain a measure of control, but we've got the numbers and we won't do what we're told.
Ice is melting.

Rains come down. Seasons changing. Find higher ground.
January; promises and rain. January; choose your type of change.

If January comes around again with hope and promises and rain; will I dare the cold, grey sky to rain on me just one more time? And when I stare out through a window will I find a single cause for hope? Hard science instead of lies? This ain’t a hoax we're trying to survive.

Stop all the bickering about it, that ship has sailed. Try looking at the evidence; procrastination's failed. Stop looking for a hideaway, there’s nowhere safe. Denying just got old. Let's get these troubles told and solved.